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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  October 20, 2018 7:00am-7:03am CEST

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the hundredth anniversary of it. what is humankind learned from the great war or. is it learned anything at all. is real peace and possibility. nineteen eighteen not forgot to w.'s november focus. on route. saudi arabia now claims that journalist she died in a fight in its double consulate riyadh says eighteen people have been arrested and two senior government officials fired. she was an outspoken government critic he was last seen more than two weeks ago. in afghanistan polls have
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opened in the country's parliamentary elections almost nine million people are eligible to vote and they're being protected by fifty four thousand security forces the taliban have promised to disrupt the election violence ahead of the polls has cost at least ten kind of the their lives. hundreds of migrants have faced off against riot police on a bridge crossing the mexican guatemalan border river some people jumped into the water below to escape they are part of a group of thousands who set off from honduras last weekend heading towards the united states. that the colombo has lifted off from french guiana the spacecraft is the european space agency's mission to explore the planet mercury the craft is carrying twin satellites one european one japanese which will release into orbit around the smallest of the rocky planets.
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in. europe teams up with asia to push for free trade a free trade agreement with singapore signed in brussels should the e.u. give up on the u.s. on a trade mission to germany governor phil murphy says definitely not. also on the program how the french port of is already getting ready for breaks it it's a key port connecting the u.k. and the e.u. . and right now the border between the british held territory of gibraltar and spain is easy to cross but workers there worry that could change after a break so. it's time for business on d.w.i.m. how you know to get us to have you with us the european union and singapore signed a free trade agreement on friday on the sidelines of the e.u. summit in brussels the pact with singapore prime minister unleashing long.

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